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Luxurious banquet ★ Horse meat sashimi, with Sukiyaki beef sukiyaki 【All 11 items 2 hours with all you can drink】 5500】 ⇒ 4999 yen

Luxurious banquet ★ Horse meat sashimi, with Sukiyaki beef sukiyaki 【All 11 items 2 hours with all you can drink】 5500】 ⇒ 4999 yen

By using a coupon4999 yen

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All-you-can-drink available

As well as draft beer and shochu, cocktails and shochu high, as well as non-alcoholic cocktails delightful for drivers are also fulfilled ★ All-you-can-drink as much as 120 minutes! In addition, 【All-you-can-eat brand name shochu】 is OK!

Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 21:00
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

It is a very luxurious course where you can taste Fukushima beef's sukiyaki etc in a pot you can choose from in the pot you can choose ♪ All 11 dishes and all-you-can-drink all-you-can-drink course with full volume! A perfect match for various banquets ♪

Course menu

Yuzu bean wealth

◆ Salad with raw ham and mozzarella

Assorted sashimi 5 points

◆ Aizu horse meat sashimi

◆ Pot of choice Fukushima beef sukiyaki or pig kimchi pot or chicken chan pot

◆ Negima Skewers of Kawamata Gyakushi ~ Salt ~

◆ Momoko Kawamata Chef's Skewers ~ Secret Sauce ~

◆ Tempura with seasonal vegetables and autumn salmon

◆ pickles

◆ udon noodles or wild cooking

◆ deadline sweetness of

★ In addition you can drink as much brand name shochu!

There is a possibility of being changed depending on the stocking situation ※.

All-you-can-drink menu

· Draft beer (Asahi Super Dry) / Bottled Beer (Asahi Super Dry Inner Bottle)
· Cassis soda / cassis orange / cassis oolong / cassis grapefruit / fuzzy navel / fuzzy grapefruit / peach oolong / peach mango / gin tonic / gin orange / gin grapefruit / vodka orange / bulldog / lychee mango / lychee grape
· Plum wine (lock-soda)
· Plum blossom plum wine / tea plum wine
Wine (Glass decanter)
· Red wine · White wine ※ Both of them can also prepare ice wine
· 2 Aikido (sake or chill)
Sour sake High
· Raw diaphragm grapefruit sour / raw squeezer Sequiners sour / white peach sour / apple sour / lactic acid sour / vise sauce / orangesur / citric acid sour / oolong crack / green tea split
Shochu (whiskey and water, hot water split lock)
· 【Wheat】 Original Shochu / White Water / Nikaido 【Potato】 Original Shochu / Black Kirishima / Ichiban
· High Ball / Apple High Ball / Vice High Ball / Adult High Ball / Mandarin High Ball / High Ball Ginger / High Ball Coke / Tired Mr. Citric Acid High Ball / Okinawa High Ball / Okinawa Hi Ball / Electric Shoes Brown
· Non-alcoholic cocktails · Soft drinks
· Oolong tea / green tea / orange juice / grapefruit juice / cola / ginger ale / kiwi tonic / mango orange / oranges and white milk / peach and white milk

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